EdenRage Media bridges the gap for broadcasters and television production houses
by its in-house designed converge-and-emerge philosophy.

 Need to go with a full-circle agency that understands where the future trends are?



To become the world’s best in Immersive Media productions, by creating epic, awe-inspiring stories that allow audiences to play inside the worlds we create – be they brands or broadcasters.

Vision: To create positive, real-world change through extraordinary Immersive experiences & products

Mission: To become a global leader in driving positive audience behaviour through Immersive engagements.


Authenticity is the greatest commodity in modern media.  Audiences seek a truth, emotional, visceral and factual.  It is an integral part of EdenRage’s approach to immersive world building

Embrace technology to engage

Technology will always move forward; we make sure that as it develops we use it as more than a gimmick, but as the deepest possible means to pull an audience into our worlds.

Effective Altruism

From the core values inspired by the Effective Altruism movement.  Do good and do it well.  Make it impactful and measurable.  Make a difference but make it effective too.

Cross-pollinating ideas

The maxim that you must have a new way of thinking to solve traditional problems is about importing mental models across all kinds of disciplines.  Science, psychology technology, health and politics all intersect in good storytelling.  We constantly seek out new ways to solve problems.


Turning brands into immersive experiences

” As one of the thought leaders in turning brands into immersive experiences, Brett is a creative force in creating content both in broadcast and online, that has driven huge audience engagement. He is dynamic, insightful and simply gets things done. “

– Stuart Hobbs
Chief Creative Officer at McCann1886 and African Creative Leadership Council Head – McCann Worldwide.


Thoughtful, profound writing

” Brett is a deeply talented individual who brings several skills seemingly effortlessly to everything he works on. He is thoughtful and writes some profound pieces on the state of things in his own world and the world at large. His documentary “Miracle Rising” is the best thing I have seen of that genre. I love that he wants to change the world. He has already started. Watch this space. “

– Megan Kruger, Shine Group


World-class immersive engagements

” I have worked with Brett over many years producing large pieces of corporate communication. From brief to delivery, Brett gives far more than the average freelancer, because he is exceptional. He interrogates the brief ensuring that all expectations are on the table, and also helping the client fully verbalise their needs. In pre-production, he is a dream to work with as he understands the challenges of all the disciplines within our industry, and provides producers with what they want, when they want, and creates treatments which even our pickiest of creatives love conceptually. Brett takes immersion of audiences to the next level. His understanding of how to use media to engage and drive audiences is truly world class “

– Michelle Caldeira
Managing Director at Blue Moon Corporate Communications (Pty) Ltd

First of its kind for the television industry

” I had the incredible opportunity to work with Brett Lotriet Best in his capacity as Creator and Producer on Estee Lauder Looks 2 Live By for 3 consecutive seasons between 2002 and 2003. Brett was a collaborative and intuitive partner to the Estee Lauder Group, building and delivering a Reality Show which was the first of it’s kind for the television industry and for the cosmetic industry. Brett is a creative, resourceful and engages and aligns the team in the objectives of the client’s vision and objectives.

I enjoyed Brett’s work-ethic and integrity, his strong communication and negotiation skills and his fair but firm approach to work. Brett is smart, generous in sharing and coaching his team, with a great sense of humour. I would highly recommend Brett. “

– Kerry Evans
A seasoned expert in brands and driving consumer-centric connections through data analytics. I have a challenger mindset and I am passionate about building high performance teams.

Fabulous imagination for true creativity

” Bright, intelligent, well read and with a fabulous imagination makes Brett is a true creative. He continually pushes the boundaries and consistently delivers high quality products for his clients. “

– Suzie Bowling
Chief Operating Officer at The Loeries


High energy with perfectionist passion

” Brett brings all the right elements to any scope of work he is involved in; high energy, a perfectionist passion, great attention to detail, and a highly collaborative approach. He is a pleasure to work with! “

– Tom Davidson

General Manager, UKTV Play

Truly innovative approach to business problems

Brett brings a truly innovative approach to devising multi media solutions for business problems – all executed with perfection and professionalism! The immersive game he developed for our underage drinking programme remains one of the most successful interventions we have ever done.

– Jessica Whitcutt Fagan MCIPR

Helping businesses build #ReputationWithPurpose


Hours of broadcast television

Original show formats on series with multiple renewals across multiple broadcasters

Corporate communications videos at every level from tiny to global

Live events from corporate functions of 20 to over 2500

Blue Chip companies, corporate videos, internal communications and brand strategies with our immersive approach



Brett Lotriet Best created this short film, “Last Note” for the enigmatic musician EgoMunk. The video uses real suicide letters and the haunting music of the song “The Patient” to focus on the interior life of people who are prepared to commit suicide.

The video has been adopted by the Samaritans to try and help raise money for those who are in danger of taking their lives.